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FL Studio also known as the Fruits Loops Studio is a great resource of composition and editing of music. The last version which was released in 2016 was highly appreciated and now it’s time for the release of the next edition.

The company plans to release version 20 in early September. The new version comes with better advanced user interface and a lot more features. The Mac version of the software is now ready to be launched with touch screen configuration. The windows and Linux version of the software now have better availability of inbuilt compositions.

FL Studio 20 TorrentFL Studio 20 torrent would be available late in July, while the company waits to complete a few procedural formalities before the launch. The software could be then downloaded directly into the system through torrent.

The FL Studio 20 torrent available in:

* Bit torrent
* utorrent
* Legit torrents
* Internet Archive

The website can be used directly to download the software. The demo versions of the software will also be provided on the torrent websites.

The company has decided on preventing any kind of fake or copyright violation of the product in the market. It has set strict rules against any kind of illegal activities in regards of the product. The product is set to be sold in the legalized market only. This being the most advanced version of the software, the company has taken all possible steps for the protection of clarity of the product in the market.

The new version will be provided with:

* Artificial Intelligence: The software is equipped with artificial intelligence to help with the preference of the composer and to adapt itself through the course of the music. The software now changes itself with the music to offer better assistance to the composer. The software now also adds music preference and added beats wherever necessary.
* Better User Interface: The new interface now gives all the tools and options on the screen. With the proper utilization of the screen area, the design of the FL Studio 20 is really compact and available at fingertips. The spacing and placement of the tools has been commendable.
* Updated Speed: The 32 bit version of the software works under 1.2 Ghz processor and the 64 bits works comfortably under 1.4 Ghz processor which provides excellent working speed for the user. The mixing of the audio becomes even more moderated and quickens up the process.

For the users to witness the quality and workability of the software, a free demo version of FL Studio 20 is available on the torrent webpage. Here, the user can use the features of the software for 30 days before paying for the same.

The company is also set to provide a few additional tools as a launch offer to the customers. They can avail such offers while buying the software online. The previous users are also provided by an excellent discount on the price of the newer version while getting it from the torrent page.

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